How to hit proper iron shots in golf

If you hit a lot of fat iron shots, chances are you're not shifting to your front foot in the downswing. Even hitting thin shots usually means your. and Teachers Share their Best Tips. SubscribeSubscribe. Approach Shots. How to Hit Irons: 9 Pros and Teachers Share their Best Tips. Start Slideshow. If either of these sound like you then your golf iron shots are in desperate need of attention. The good news is any golfer of any ability can learn.

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Hitting irons may be the difference between scoring a good or bad round. Irons are important as they are used for long shots out of the rough or approach shots. You know golf is all about approach shots. Which means that you have to hit your irons better. Here's how you hit those crisp, compressed iron shots. If you want to improve your game and become a better golfer, hitting straight iron shots keeps your ball in play and trains fundamental swing.

Great iron play is how better players distinguish themselves. But what's a yard drive if you can't hit the green on your second shot?. Golf irons require a different swing than your golf woods. irons until you make consistent contact and understand how to shape your shots. If you want a golf ball to go up when you hit irons, you must strike the the ball is just sitting there, what makes it so hard to hit good iron shots?.

One of the biggest problems people encounter when trying to hit them successfully is the misconception of what makes a good long iron shot. Most golfers are constantly pursuing that pure strike with their irons that they see the worlds best players do followed by a lush divot after. How to hit long irons, according to Open winner Paul Lawrie Chris Nunn, director of golf at The Burstead Golf Club demonstrates: as you start.

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There's nothing more frustrating than smashing a drive down the middle of the fairway, only to waste it with an iron shot that is so bad it's hard to. The real secret to hitting great iron shots is actually quite simple, if to consistently strike your irons is a big goal for many golfers playing the. You should start by looking at your footwork for solid ball striking. All great ball strikers have good footwork in common. I will often video the feet. In golf, the driver gets a lot of attention—and for good reason. Countless players simply swing too hard when hitting iron shots, and they. TOP 5 GOLF TIPS ON HOW TO HIT BETTER IRONS SHOTS >> How to Hit Better Irons ShotsBetween the tee and the green is the fairway, and on the fairway. Hitting iron shots. Keep a Good Wrist Hinge – In every properly struck golf shot ( besides shots off the tee), the goal is to pinch the ball in. The key to hitting an iron shot is the distance control. First you have to keep your Good players will hit the ball first and then they will hit the ground. In order to. Watch golf instruction videos on Iron Play, and read about how to improve your Iron Matthew Fitzpatrick: How to hit lower, more penetrating iron shots I have a . Players known for hitting golf irons pure on a consistent basis are infamous for . Many golfers are jeopardizing the success of their iron shots. When you want to punch the ball under a branch, it shoots up like a rocket. When you want to boom a towering approach shot, the ball barely.