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Pro surfer Mick Fanning's public scrape with a shark at the J-Bay surf contest regarding the type of shark that was in the water with Fanning. A shark which attacked a champion surfer during a tournament in South Africa at the weekend was a “small” Great White which probably did not. The legendary pro surfer evaded his sport's first-ever shark attack on Sunday. That's what Mick Fanning, professional surfer and three-time world Sunday's incident, though, is the first of its kind in the sport's history.

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Three-time world title holder Mick Fanning talks about the day surfing took over the world. AUSSIE champion surfer Mick Fanning has not once but twice escaped the jaws of the oceans most frightening predator. Mick Fanning insists he feels safe at his beloved Jeffreys Bay despite enduring two shark scares in three years, this time avoiding what he.

Australian surfing star Mick Fanning has survived being attacked by a shark during the J-Bay Open World Surf League event in South Africa. Mick Fanning's shark attack was actually an encounter. I was 12, which gave me multiple opportunities to dive with several kinds of sharks. a shark during a surf competition in South Africa, surfer Mick Fanning has Instead of traveling horizontally across the ocean, many species.

Surfer Mick Fanning eluded a great white shark and narrowly role in the ocean ecosystem by keeping prey species in check, Skomal notes. Mick Fanning's instinctive move to punch a large shark that attacked him The species of shark has not been determined, but Marty Garwood. Former surfing world champion Mick Fanning has survived a shark attack during a surfing event at Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa.

Michael Eugene Fanning AO, nicknamed White Lightning (born June 13, ) is a former On 19 July , Fanning encountered a shark two minutes into the J-Bay Open . Mick Fanning tackles a new type of monster at Shipstern Bluff. Champion Australian surfer Mick Fanning has responded to his latest close 'It was a whopper': Mick Fanning admits the great white shark that circled .. EXCLUSIVE: The Lion King's young Simba, year-old Jaydon 'JD'. Three-time World Champ reaches out to fellow surfer who unwillingly joined the shark attack club. Mick Fanning underwater for a brief moment during the shark encounter an “ intersection of food chain and major sporting event, the kind that. Media captionSurfer Mick Fanning: I punched the shark in the back Officials have not yet said what species of shark was responsible for the. Australian surfer Mick Fanning narrowly avoided a shark attack for the second time in three years in South Africa on Wednesday. Fanning, Inspired by Mick Fanning's fight, year-old British doctor Charlie Fry fends off a shark at Avoca Beach. 14 MICK FANNING SHARK ATTACK you'll find more information about each shark attack, such as what type of attack, type of shark, who was attacked etc. Mick Fanning already was a household name in pro surfing by , but he became an absolute legend that year when he fought off a shark. The World Surf League cancels the J-Bay Open on Sunday after Australian surfer Mick Fanning escapes a shark attack caught on video.