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A full-floating axle shaft does not carry the vehicle's weight; it serves only to transmit torque from the differential to the wheels. Full-floating axle shafts are retained by a flange bolted to the hub, while the hub and bearings are retained on the spindle by a large nut. A full-floating axle carries the vehicle's weight on the used on half-ton and lighter 4x4 trucks in the rear. There are two types of rear axles found on light-duty 4x4s: semi-floating and full- floating. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Full Floating Rear End Advantages – Pro Touring. All Schwartz Performance G- Machine Chassis are equipped standard with a Moser full-floating 9-inch. In depth explanation of the difference between semi floating and full floating axles. Light duty semi float axles carry the weight of the vehicle in the axle shaft itself. You are here: Home - What is a Ford 9 Inch Floater Rear End? Schreiner Enterprises. A full floater rearend has been used in racing and all forms of off- road.

A full-floating rearend used to be a luxury item for high-end race cars but has now become a staple for many performance street cars. FULL FLOATERS VS. FLANGED AXLES. These days more and more race cars are being built with full-floater rear ends. Clearly that's good from a safety. The full-floating axle is used in most heavy trucks. (See fig. ) These axle shafts Three-quarter floating rear axle. Semifloating rear axle. Figure

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There is the semi-floating axle and the full floating axle. Some 4-wheel drive vehicles may have a full floating axle in their rear as well. 9' Ford Auto-Cross Edition Full Float Rear End Package The Moser AUTO CROSS REAR is a Full Floating Rear End that is designed for multipurpose. By design, all steering (front) drive axles are full-floating, but rear drive The semi-floating axle design fastens the wheel directly to the flange. You might wonder, why not just use a full floating axle anyway? Well, semi- floating axles are also lighter weight too. This means it is easier for. Bare, Full Floating 9 Inch Housing, Axle, Hub & Rotor Package-Full Floating Ford 9 rear end housing, axle, and hub package for circle track racing only. 58, This Ford 9 inch Grand National rearend features lite weight steel hubs with brake rotor mounts. Rear end assembly comes complete with a new housing, two . know the difference between a semi-float axle and a full-float rear axle? A full -float axle takes the weight of the vehicle off the axle shaft and. Don't see the parts you need? Browse our complete Axle category for more available parts. In a full floater, the weight-bearing role is handed off to a spindle that's welded onto the axle tube of the rear end housing, with the spindle itself. Baer Brakes TRACKER Full Floating Axle Conversion System is purchased as an upgrade to a You do not need to weld any brake brackets on the rear end!.