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This month marks 60 years since Blue Peter first graced our TV screens, making it the longest running children's show in the world. While there are over 40 Blue Peter presenters that have graced our screens over the years, let's take a look at some of the 90s team and where. Where are the Blue Peter presenters now? look back at all the stars who famously hosted the iconic children's show, and what they did next.

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Blue Peter is a British children's television programme created by John Hunter Blair. The first There have been thirty-eight official presenters of Blue Peter. But what became of the presenters after they left the classic children's show? . John Noakes, now 82, remains Blue Peter's longest serving. And within that wonderful decade, one thing just can't forget is BBC's Blue Peter – one of the best-loved TV series to ever grace our screens.

Blue Peter's Yvette Fielding with Bonnie the dog in Blue Peter Blue Peter - Stuart Miles and Katy Hill Bbc Kids, Blue Peter Presenters, s. Open. Blue Peter is 60 on 16th October , so we thought we'd check in with some of the past presenters and see how they have changed since. Since the first ever Blue Peter episode in , there have been 37 Blue Peter presenters. Here's all you need to know about who they were, all their famous.

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There have been 37 official hosts of Blue Peter since the show first aired Blue Peter presenters Simon Groom and Sarah Greene with Goldie. As the Blue Peter badge celebrates its fiftieth birthday this week - we track down some of the most loved presenters of the iconic BBC children's. Popular children's TV programme Blue Peter has turned 60 today and presenters from There have been 37 official presenters of Blue Peter. Blue Peter attracted eight million viewers at its peak but according to the hosts who found fame on the classic show and where they are now. Blue Peter attracted eight million viewers at its peak but according to recent figures the ship is sinking fast, after a digital broadcaster recorded. In six decades, Blue Peter has seen 37 presenters - along with cats, dogs up with two of the best-known phrases associated with Blue Peter: And now for because there are no second chances, the co-operation you get is. Janet Ellis, Michael Sundin, Sarah Greene from Blue Peter. Getty Images Joffrey death Game of Thrones characters – where are they now?. The pop music. The relentless optimism. The cargo pants. And, of course, the telly. So it was with Blue Peter, which had 12 brilliant presenters. The nineties were such an innocent time, weren't they? Kids were more into the Spice BELOW: Check out where some classic Blue Peter presenters are now. I sent it to the Blue Peter office and they sent a letter back saying that all the presenters are always very busy so cannot attend. Shame.