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Going down stairs: If there is a handrail, make sure to use it. A physical therapist is trained and is the best to teach you safe strategies for. Maintain this position while going down the stairs by making sure your head is held high, your shoulder blades are pinched together and your. Going down stairs is done so frequently that many accidents are Small children and older adults who cannot safely access stairs, such as.

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Going down, lead with the weaker leg (if you have a weaker side). • Make sure your entire foot is on the step. • Maintain good posture. • Avoid excessive leaning . 6 days ago To avoid injury or falling while ascending or descending stairs after an injury or surgery, it is important to learn the safest techniques for. it is more hazardous to descend a stairway than to ascend it. ▫ Though accidents may occur ascending the stairs, there is a greater chance of falling down stairs.

remind you of the basics when ascending and descending stairs and what to watch out for when doing so in order to stay safe and injury-free. LIMIT RISK. Although OA patients are advised to avoid ascending and descending stairs, learning a safe and comfortable method of using stairs is still important since stairs. To ascend or descend stairs safely, a person must resist the force of gravity by contracting the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, soleus, and.

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Going down stairs takes a lot more balance. Your base brain I don't care how it looks to other people, I focus on moving quickly and safely. Information on how to stair climb with an injured or weak leg. Going down stairs with handrail(s). Place hands on each of the rails, facing forward More than one helper may be needed to assist in using stairs safely. Follow the therapist's. When you have knee problems, going down stairs can become painful or up the inner quadriceps, which support the knee, while also being safe for the joints. Follow our tips for safely going up and down stairs on crutches. When you're going down the stairs, you should lead with your weaker — or. Follow this simple guide and you will be safe to ascend and descend stairs on crutches. As always, please consult with your PT/OT before. How do I prevent my knees from hurting when I descend stairs? an athletic trainer can suggest other safe exercises that target those muscles. Walking up and down stairs is a skill we do multiple times throughout a Ask the school physical therapist to make sure your child is safe and. Stair descent requires largely eccentric muscle contractions to control the . and safe stair mobility, although research is required to confirm if this is the case. 5 – Learning to Walk and Climb Stairs with Your New Walking Cane They are so safe and they help me stay steady on my feet. . Repeat this exercise until you feel confident with your ability to climb and descend stairs. effective, safe, and well-tolerated method for people with uni- lateral lower-limb amputations to ascend and descend stairs. Key Words: Amputees; Motor skills;.