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Learn the Battle of the Sexes rules at, and be prepared to Game Board; Female Playing Cards; Male Playing Cards; 8 Pawns. Battle of the Sexes™. CONTENTS. • Game Board. • Female Question Cards. • Male Question Cards. • Instructions. • 8 Playing Pieces. • 55 Female Wild. Battle of the Sexes- Card Game. INSTRUCTIONS. OBJECT. To be the first team to earn two cards. PLAYING THE GAME. 1. Divide into Male and Female teams.

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Playing Time: 45 min. Ages: 12+. Players: 2+. Summary: Battle of the Sexes is a fun game to battle it out with the opposite sex to find out which is the superior sex . i got it at a garage sale for a buck and opened it up to play at a party i remember the concept, but i don't remember how the board is used. The goal is to move your team's pawns across the game board. Along the way teams will Playing Time. Age: 12+. Community: 10+ . Battle Of The Sexes: The Board Game Version Of Poke Yourself In The Eye · Reviews TwistedGrin ·

“Battle of the Sexes” is an engaging board game that pits men against The rules are simple to understand and the game is easy to play. Battle of the Sexes Board Game. How much do you really know about the opposite sex? Battle of the Sexes is the outrageous and hormonally charged game. Battle of the Sexes: IQ Test. Setup. First, decide whether to play as individuals or teams (if there are more than four players the game.

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Product description. Welcome to the Battle of the Sexes, the board game version of the popular radio contest that's become an international hit. Play the game. Battle of the Sexes 2nd Edition Board Game: Toys & Games. Play the game that's all about defending your gender and finding out, once. Start your review of Battle of the Sexes Board Game! I bought this thinking it would be a fun game to play on a triple date and we played for. Buy Battle of the Sexes Board Game, Hilarious and Eye-Opening Play it to break the ice and maybe even shatter some gender stereotypes!. Comes with game board, Male Question Cards, Female Question Cards, 54 Male Wild Cards, 54 Female Wild Cards, eight playing tokens and a rules. When you play Battle of the Sexes you'll find out how much you really know about the opposite sex. Family board games are great, but when families get together and the kids are off playing on their own, a good board game can fit the bill. Spin Master's updated. Battle of the Sexes is the outrageous and hormonally charged game that pits Easy, Out Of Box Game Play - Great Adult Party Game - Includes: 5 Trophies, Female Question Cards, Male Question Cards, 1 Game Board, 1 manual. Play Battle of the Sexes to find out! 5 x trophies; x female question cards; x male question cards; 1 x game board; 1 x instruction sheet; 3 x female. Play Battle of the Sexes to find out! Suitable for 4+ players and ages 16 years and up. What's in the box? 5 x trophies x female question cards x male.