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You get home from work, you see that no one else is home, so you shout, 'Hey ginger, my day was gooood ' And before you know it, you've. Maybe you've accepted your Cat Lady status like a badge of honor. Maybe you don't know you're the Cat Lady yet, and none of your friends. Your friends tag you in cat memes or pictures. My friends are always tagging me in cat pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes they.

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If this sounds like a dream to you, then you already know it: you are a cat lady for life. If you're still on the border about whether or not you are. 4. Bathroom time revolves around your cat, and you're % fine with that. best cat lady / gentleman / non-gender-binary person you can be. Note: This article is easier to view if you remove cat from laptop.

For years I denied my crazy cat lady status, I know I know, with four cats, that's a pretty big thing to deny. However, over the years, my love has. Do you maybe have a cat or twelve too many? If you said yes, chances are high you might be a crazy cat lady. Check out these 6 warning signs and know for sure !. Did You Know That Cats Can Get Acne? Here's This Is the Vegan Starbucks Drink Everyone Is 9 Animals Driven Insane. People for the.

Being a Crazy Cat Lady comes with a lot of stigma, but if you are, it's okay! You don't even know how you ended up with this many cats, and. We've always been a pet family. I cannot imagine raising kids without a pet, which is why we adopted a cat a couple of years ago. HK (short for. Here is my list of 28 reasons you might be labeled a crazy cat lady. Keep score as you go to view your results at the end of the article.

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You Know You're the Crazy Cat Lady When. 65 likes. Love cats? We do too! Share your crazy cat videos, pictures, stories, and jokes here because there's. But maybe you're just growing up to be a crazy cat lady or gentleman. Here are 13 signs that 'Cause you know it's basically the same thing. You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady If [Janet Vormittag] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this humorous memoir, you'll get an intimate peek . But you swear you'll never turn into one of them: a cat lady. But then, before you know it — BAM! — you're sitting on your couch sporting a Meowy Catmas shirt in . The list goes on, but if you've answered yes to almost all these questions, then you my friend are converting to the “crazy cat lady/man” side Hey, it's all it's not hurting anyone then How else would everyone know you love cats?. If you got to this page, there's a good chance you've been referred to as a cat your wedding—you know for a fact that it will be cat-themed. Face it, if you're reading this article right now, there is a really good chance that you already know that you're turning into a cat lady (or cat. We're here to share with you the crazy cat lady memes that'll tickle your funny bone and They'll be there to let you know all about your body. 15 Signs You're Either a Cat Lady or a Mom And no, I am not saying that having cats is just like having a child — I know that there's no comparing the two. The Crazy Cat Lady: Someone to be avoided, an extreme lover of cats, and just a That way, if your you-know-who ever asks you, You're not by any chance--a.